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Acoustic Emotions
Acoustic guitars can easily bring out the emotion of any scene. Love and motivational segments will benefit the most from this timeless collection.
Emotion: Pride, Joy, Pleasure, Love, Sympathy, Empowerment
Genres: Acoustic Guitars, Ballad, Soft Rock
Release all inhibitions. Sing like no one's listening and dance like no one's watching. "Happy Music!" Get up to get down!
Emotion: Happy, Energetic, Upbeat, Motivational
Genres: Euro-dance, Electronica, Uptempo, Pop-electro
Popular Jamz
Popular Jamz is all about staying Young and Worry Free. This collection is perfect for the youth of today.. Be Epic & Care Free!
Emotion: Enjoyment, Young Fun, Night-Life, Day Party, Worry-Free
Genres: Pop, Dance-pop, Pop-rock, Electro-Pop
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